“Do it yourself”

littlemeMovies birthed a costume

I inherited the knack for making movies from my father.  I inhereted the love for movies from my mother. My father often went out of town on speaking engagements. I looked forward to those times because it meant steak, potatoes and a Disney movie with mom. Like all children, I watched my favorites over and over. I spent half a year in Kenya with my parents in the seventh grade with no television, but it wasn’t missed. I would spend hours quoting lines to myself and going through scenes in my head.

At the age of eight, one of my favorites was Ivanhoe. (My admiration for Anthony Andrews began that young!) I was obsessed with Lady Rowena, and asked my mom if she would make me a dress so I could pretend to be her.

She said, “Why don’t you do it yourself?”

Pink material and a pattern

Out of the treasure trove of her sewing mysteries, she pulled out a crinkly, fragile skirt pattern and a yard of silky pinkness. She showed me what to do and I’ve never looked back. Sewing just makes sense.


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