Winter Veil Snowman

snowmanI’m a gaming geek. Well, just a World of Warcraft gamer. But still, four years and guild leadership does a gaming geek make, methinks.

This winter, Seattle got a very white winter. It is snowing even as I type! I try to ignore the snow unless I have skis on. So, instead of building a snowman with my husband and daughter, I followed the tutorial at WowInsider and built my own version of the Winter Veil companion.

It was my first time playing with Sculpey clay. It was rewarding and quick! I also made a Hearthstone keychain for my husband’s Christmas present.


Work the clay very well in your hands to make it easier to work with. The more you massage it the softer it gets.

Work on a surface you don’t care gets spoiled. The dye transfers and stains.


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