Halloween Costume Delight 2008

eandhWhen it comes to a costume, I am a stickler. Even if no one knows, I enjoy getting the details right. This year, Eleanor was Lucy from Prince Caspian, and Henry was Reepicheep.

This website was a dream! A site devoted to the Narnia costumes. How I wish I had the income to fund making a set for the whole family. I wanted to be Susan and make the man wear a Caspian leather brigandine. sexy! But food was more important. <shrug>

Lucy’s orange dress

Accessories: I went thrift store shopping for belts with decorative pewter or silver buckles. I used one for her belt and snipped at another with a silver tipped end to make the dagger sheath. I inherited a sliver letter opener with a filigree handle that masqueraded as her dagger perfectly! She wore black Mary Janes as did Lucy.

Dress: I adapted McCall’s Costume pattern # MP273. I matched the fabrics as closely as possible from my local Joanns and Hancocks. The pattern had to be adapted at the neck, waistline and skirt front to copy Lucy’s dress. I also made an under dress of white cotton from the same adapted pattern.

That night, we threw a charcoal, felted wool shawl over her and she kept plenty warm.


Accessories: I picked up a leather belt for his rapier strap at the thrift store. It had a sliver buckle and tip. I purchased a large, red ostrich feather and hot glued it to a silver bangle bracelet from my costume chest. I glued the bracelet around the ear of the headpiece.

I wanted to add a rapier to the set, but figured he’d stab too many kids with it, so I left it out. I was going to make it from an old car antenna.

Costume: I lucked out and found long-haired, gray “rat” fur on the clearance table! I adapted McCalls Costume pattern #MP267. Mostly, I followed the Skunk pattern, ignoring the center belly insert and changing the ears to be rounder. I used the lion’s tail.

This was a wonderfully warm costume when we went trick or treating outside that night. But, we visited Microsoft’s offices in the afternoon, and he got very hot!


2 Responses

  1. Oh, to have so much time…… they turned out great.

  2. I enjoyed your creative ideas and final productivity! I hope you are passing on the “gift” of sewing and creating to Eleanor. I’m presently quilting, watching repeat movies while “producing” something useful.

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