Cutting a Silhouette

SilhouetteA super-easy project and super-cute! I will be pairing mine with Martha Stewart’s family tree fan chart.

Take a Picture

Take a picture of your subject with a bright background. I used a window.

Clean up your Picture

I imported the picture to photoshop, changed the color to grayscale and increased the contrast to darken the silhouette and brighten the background. I used the photofill tool to fill in any light spots on my silhouette and fiddled with the eyelashes and hairlines.

Then, I flipped the canvas horizontally, so that I had a mirror image to print out. (And, I’m cheap. I printed a light gray sillhouette to save on the black ink.) Print!

Cut the Silhouette

Stick your printed silhouette to the BACK of your black paper, so that when you cut it out your silhouette is facing the correct way. Remember, you printed a mirror image. I used sticky dots to adhere the printed template to the back of the black card stock. Cut carefully around the edges of your printed template.


Peel off the printed template being careful not to rip off any small angles. Place your silhouette on a contrasting background and frame!


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