Buttercup Bag

green floral bagA friend of mine saw a burp cloth I made for a baby shower gift and went bonkers over this green rose-spray fabric. She wanted me to make her a quilt with it, but due to expense and my lack of desire to make a quilt…I surprised her a bag instead.

Buttercup Bag

What a cute name, eh? The pattern is free and easy. My friend says the only complaint for her is that it needs to be a bit deeper.


2 hours.


2 Responses

  1. This is my purse!!!! I ADORE it, Kay! You know I do. And the millions of compliments I still get on it make me swell with pride to be able to say my friend made it for me. WONDERFUL purse and beautiful fabric. This gift brought tears to my eyes, warmed my heart, and shocked the you know what out of me. You’re so generous and I love you!

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