Quilted Advent Calendar


One of my favorite bloggers is Oh, Fransson! Everything she makes is lovely and inspiring. She shared a tutorial for an advent calendar that is styled after a small quilt with 24 pockets for hiding goodies. I couldn’t get it out of my head after reading the post. The tutorial is fabulous. The quilt involves piecing, applique, binding and quilting…everything that goes into a big quilt, just smaller. It is a good way to practice all those techniques! I have never stipple quilted before, and it was a challenge. Mistakes were made, and hours were wasted, but I love the result.

This year, my kids anticipated the birthday celebrations of Jesus every morning after breakfast searching for the day’s date and digging in the pocket for candy.  It was a new tradition for us and a keeper.


“She won’t take it off!”

“She won’t take it off!”

Those are great words to hear when you make a skirt for a friend! My daughter’s friend had a special-turn- 5- year-old-birthday- party, and since she always made comments about the clothes I made for Eleanor, I knew she’d love something hand-made. And, she did! I heard her mother had to sneak it out of her room at night to wash it. I hope it held up!

Vintage Scraps

The scraps are from my great-aunt’s fabric stash of pre-cut quilt pieces. I just inherited the vintage pile from my mother. Its been fun finding projects that I can use the tiny pieces in because the patterns are so cute!