Nintendo DS Keeper Critique

Eleanor received a Nintendo DS for Christmas. I knew keeping the cord, stylus and those little game cards was going to be a challenge for a 5-year-old, so a Keeper I made! After researching etsy and ebay for other hand-made keepers, I came up with this design.

I included 3 pockets to hold the game instructions, the DS itself and the cord. The only pocket she uses is for the DS. So, if I made it again, I’d remove at least one of the pockets. Probably, the back one. 

The elastic to hold the game cards was a good idea in theory, but in reality, it didn’t hold them secure enough. So, I hand-stitched 2 pieces of ribbon under them to create little pockets. She can stuff the card down and I don’t fear losing one in transit.

I made a flap for the front that shuts with a magnetic clasp. Also something I would re-do. The flap wasn’t big enough. I’d like it to fold at least half-way back on itself. Once stuffed with the DS, the flap gapes and doesn’t look good closed. She likes the magnet closure, though. Its easy to open and shut, so that I’d keep.


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