Amy Butler Sweet Harmony Bag

For Christmas, one of the items of my list was Amy Butler’s Sweet Harmony Pattern.  I just finished. It was a bugger to sew. I think I used too heavy of fabric (similar to lightweight denim), and my sewing machine just doesn’t have the power to drive the needle through all the layers. Stitches are showing at a few of my seams. grr.

The thing I like best about this pattern is the cell phone pocket hidden in one of the exterior pockets. Handy. I’m not crazy about the handle design, but its sturdy. The pattern calls for two magnetic closures, but I skimped and used one. I always seem to get my closures too close to the seam line, and end up having to hand-sew the over stitching near the snap, since my sewing foot isn’t able to do it…Oh! I just had a brain storm! A zipper foot. Next time I’ll use a zipper foot around it. That should do it!

I also had a hard time with the lining. Getting it to lay flat. It wanted to bunch where the interior pockets met the side panel seam lines. I ironed it to death, but I’m not completely happy with it.

I love the happy fabric and lining! The pattern called for fusible fleece. This was my first time using it. Not crazy about it. I think I’m partial to floppy bags, and the fleece gives it a firm shape.

The pattern also included a larger size for a tote bag. I may give it a shot as a baby bag for an upcoming baby shower (of which my church keep me busy attending).  I’m curious how a lighter cotton fabric will feel with the fusible fleece.


3 Responses

  1. Ok… I LOVE this bag. LOVE it! I like the firmness of it, btw. The one thing that can get a little frustrating sometimes is when my own purse flops over and things fall out. I’d sometimes like something that will hold its own shape, too. I’m interested to see the size of this bag in comparison to something else standard or hold a ruler next to it to see it’s dimensions. I’m also interested to see the size of the larger tote bag. I think I may need both! 😉

    • Yeah, that Buttercup bag is more for fashion than practicality! It doesn’t have a flat bottom so it won’t sit still. I’m working on a little vintagy clutch with a flat bottom in my head. We’ll see what comes out of it!

  2. […] a little. I’ll be carrying this one around for a while, because I don’t really like the Amy Butler Design I made a few months ago, so I need a replacement. And, of course, the first one always needs design […]

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