Persistence Pays Off

When I was in the Eighth grade (1988), my aunt sent me a cross stitch pattern of an alphabet bear baby quilt. At the time, I was an avid cross stitcher…albeit not a very good one! I started on “K”, since that was my name and the little bears were kissing. So cute. I completed four or five letters, and then neglected it for a few years.

My interest would be piqued again when babies were being born by friends or relatives. I’d get a burst of initiative to finish the quilt and give it away. But, my goodness! Those squares take so long to complete!

I remember my first year in college, I spent a lot of time stitching. I left a high-school boyfriend and was immersed in a weird world of Christian fundamentalism.  I have pictures of me sitting on my bunk, threads akimbo, studying the pattern and counting crosses. I completed quite a few letters that year! I think there was another baby on the horizon that I wanted to give it to as well.

When I got pregnant in 2003, I knew it was time to get the thing done. I had ten or so squares to finish, and then quilting. I had to re-do a few letters since in my lazy youthfulness, I had stitched on mismatched Aida fabric. The progress of my technique was evident on the back-side…the first completed letters were a jumble of knots and loose threads. Somewhere along the way, I spotted my sister’s cross stitch work, which was as pretty on the back as the front, and I learned to tuck in the ends.

Every time my daughter drags her quilt around and hugs on it, I am so proud I stuck with it and finally completed a project 16 years in the making!


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  1. […] one of my kids. Eleanor’s quilt was the ABC’s in Bears cross-stitched on each square. You can read about that huge undertaking here. Henry’s has appliqued airplanes for the squares. For Lorna, due in a few months, I wanted […]

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