On how my husband knocks sense into my head…

Tonight, my husband and I discussed me selling stuff. I tend to get overwhelmed. He keeps it simple. I get a complex about how many beautiful crafters there are on on the web, he encourages me that I’m pretty unique around here. So, a plan is forming. A simple plan.

1. Make 4-5 bags. (I’m thinking wine bags and knitting bags to start.)

2. Make simple cards for friends to pass out as folks comment on the things I’ve made for them.

3. Crack open Handmade Marketplace and read 1 chapter this week. Just so you know…I’m not a procrastinating reader. I’m just in the middle of 4 books at the moment! lol

So, that’s a start.


3 Responses

  1. I canNOT wait to hit your store!!! Seriously… Eric just walked in the door and I had to show him your tag and, well, I just cannot wait.

  2. Um, hello!! I’ve been telling you for years you should sell your stuff. You should not have an “i’m not unique enough complex.” Trust me, your stuff will sell. =)

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