Sewing Labels

I started a search today for tags to sew on/in my items. About 15 years ago, I had generic tags made, but they have my maiden name on them. So, I binged.That’s ed, Microsoft’s new, amazing search engine! (Why yes! My husband works for Microsoft, why do you ask?)

sew tags

custom sew in tags

crafting labels

Most of the sites I found were more than I wanted to pay for more labels than I wanted to purchase. They were also commercial oriented, hence ugly. Enter Etsy search.

Sewing labels

Yay! A forum question about how to sew in labels led me to JennifersJewels’ Shop. She makes small orders of pretty little custom labels. She seems to be overwhelmed with orders, but generously gives links to articles detailing the new bill concerning clothing labels, called the Textile Fiber Products ID Act. Basically, if you make clothes, it has to have a label with certain information. Good to know. Since Jennifer didn’t have a way to purchase her tags, I looked for another shop, and purchased tags from MommieMadeIt. 80 labels for $20. That’s a start. Here’s my super simple (and somewhat ugly) label design. I will fold it in half and sew it in across the top. Meh, it gets the job done.


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  1. So good to see that link…I’ve googled the same thing and didn’t come up with anything that I was happy with – too large of quantities and prices. I’m gonna follow up on your link though. Yea! Oh, and the ‘picking the scab’ off your iron was priceless…great visual!!! hahahaha


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