I think the worst part is taking pictures…

Sewing is the easy part. Taking pictures is a chore. I feel pressure to take pretty pictures, because that is what will sell things. And after all, I do have a film degree. I should be able to whip out something creative, right? Sure, it just takes forever! And, I’m not super happy with the result. I’m not fishing for complements, but I’d love some input or ideas on how to make this process less painful, yet still beautiful!

The process

Open garage door for light.
Clothespin sheet to wall.
Put on coat and gloves because its still cold out there!
Iron sheet to remove most of the wrinkles. Er, after I find the extension cord to plug it in!
Place set items (like flowers,yarn and needles, wine glasses). Of course, this is after I purchase them or drag them out of the closet underneath the boxes of hand-me-downs.

Shoo cat off sheet and pick cat hairs off.
Position handmade item.
Snap lots of pictures.
Go find tripod for timed picture.

Shoo cat off sheet and pick cat hairs off.
Set up tripod. Set timer and run to sit on sheet with bag in under 10 seconds. (For size approximation.)
Get fed up with kids needing attention.
Give them “attention.”

Shoo cat off sheet and pick cat hairs off.
Put away bags and camera.
Close garage door.
Fold and put away sheet, because obviously, the cat can’t keep her butt off it!

Still need more pictures…

Got any ideas?


5 Responses

  1. Um? Kill the cat… That’s like, 10 minutes right there.

  2. HAHA I was thinking the same thing as Jaimie! When you get suggestions let me know…it truly is the hardest part!

  3. You really hit the nail on the head with the photos. Sometimes I feel the same way about just writing posts. I usually just remind myself why I’m doing it: because I enjoy sharing what I’m working on and what I’m up to with people. So probably trying to get out of the ‘chore’ mindset might help (easier said than done of course).
    Is there a way that you could leave an area set up? Or maybe take photos of your projects sitting in lush green grass or on a weathered porch or some other neutral outdoor setting that doesn’t require a ton of lighting and staging? Avoiding the set up might make the whole process a lot more enjoyable.
    Also, since you have a film degree, I’m sure you’re already way ahead of me in the photography department, but if there’s a local photography workshop or class near you, it can be really invigorating to learn new techniques and styles. It can make the photo part something you’re really looking forward too. Just some ideas….

  4. […] on the fence. I’m going back and re-doing those pictures that I’m not happy with on the hairy set-up in the garage. I don’t like light boxes. I’ve decided why. I think it makes things look like factory […]

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