Easter Dress Surprise!

Ten-fifteen years ago, I was an avid smocker. I smocked all the time! I sold a few dresses at craft fairs and around town in boutiques, but decided the effort wasn’t worth the income.  I’d rather give them away. I’d say their are 100-150ish dresses and outfits around that I’d smocked for babies or children in my life. And one of those took me by surprise this past month!

My daughter celebrated her sixth birthday and her aunt sent her a package. Inside was money and this beautiful green gingham dress with embroidered daisies. What a gorgeous dress! Looking at it, something tickled my memory.

“Wait a minute! I made this!”

I had totally forgotten. Then, I thought…

“My word! Am I insane? Those daisies must have taken days!”

I can’t remember stitching one of them, but I remember loving the pattern. My sister requested a special dress for her daughter who is six years older than Eleanor, and now Eleanor enjoys it! It was a fun surprise just in time for Easter!


One Response

  1. That’s awesome. She is so cute. She’s starting to look like you now!

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