Help! Taking pictures that sell

So I need opinions. I photographed a new bag outside on the fence. Which do you prefer? (Not the bag, the picture location.)

To me, the wrinkly sheet drives me crazy and gives an unkempt appearance. Do the pictures seem too dark? I’m worried hanging on a nail outside looks dirty and “homemakey.” Do you know what I mean?


I know how to make a light box, but I’m not sure I want to present my bags that way. If I am to stand out, then I’d love to come up with great pictures without one, since it is a common format on Etsy. Maybe because its the best format?

Can you see how indecisive I am? Give me suggestions!



8 Responses

  1. I actually like the fence better; and I was all prepared to say “I like both the same, but the fence is easier, so.” But nope, I like the fence better anyway.

    I think it’s good to photograph something in a natural environment that isn’t distracting to the product itself. The sheet is overtly a sheet, not just a white background so… I vote fence.

    (Although I can see the points about it looking dirty… this could be considered a “marketing risk”…)

  2. I just went back and saw Emily’s comment, wondering what the inspiration for the fence was: “Or maybe take photos of your projects sitting in lush green grass or on a weathered porch or some other neutral outdoor setting that doesn’t require a ton of lighting and staging?”

    I totally agree with that. The fence is one incarnation of this suggestion, but there might be other possibilities. Like if you put it in a wooden chair…? Dunno how that would look.

    But yes, I like the fence.

  3. I prefer a natural setting as opposed to a created one. I wonder if you could use some type of rod or branch (to keep the natural look) that holds it a little farther from the fence so it’s not leaning right against it? Would that even matter at all? Obviously not so far that it casts shadows or whatnot.

    I know that this doesn’t do much for different angles, though. You’d then be dependent on the handle and could only get so many angles. Maybe for different angles, you could create some type of “natural looking” shelf or something that you can lay it on to capture sides and bottoms better??

    Not sure if this helps at all, but just two cents… Love the green, btw. 🙂

  4. Thanks…another trick I’m doing is stuffing the bags with tissue to photograph them fuller.

  5. I re-did the linen clutch in the store outside, and it looks much better!

    Now, if only this nasty Northwest weather would quit with the rain!

  6. Fence – 100%

  7. i like the fence better too because its a natural setting. It has more color depth and richness than the white staged background.
    One caviat is the fence is a bit rustic and your bags seem more sophisticated, so perhaps a natural less rustic setting? it depends on the style of the bag i suppose.

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