New Bag Design: the first is for me!

The day started really great with my wine bag making it to the front page of Etsy and two conversations in the shop. They were my first conversations as a seller, so its a benchmark! We’ll see if the reserved sale actually happens.

Etsy questions

I wasted time searching and searching through Etsy’s How-tos looking for instructions on the specifics of how to do a reserved listing. If its a batch sale, is it better to list the quantity as 1 or the actual quantity? I think I made a mistake and listed 10 of the items. So, I was charged $.20 for each one, and the buyer will have to enter the quantity as 10 ,and there is greater room for error. If I had done 1 (which is a group of 10), and just upped the price to reflect the proper quantity, that probably would have been fine. Not sure if that’s ethical though. So that was a little stressful because I wanted to get it right.

BUT, I will make mistakes.

<Big sigh.>

New Bag Design

I worked hard on a new design today. Lost my temper at my machine and my children. Both were misbehaving. I guess I did too, a little. I’ll be carrying this one around for a while, because I don’t really like the Amy Butler Design I made a few months ago, so I need a replacement. And, of course, the first one always needs design adjustments. I’ll be adjusting the straps to be thinner, and how the blue applique lieder-hosen-looking-thing is attached at the straps. I like the way it falls. The front pockets need to be deeper. (Thanks Naomi, for carrying the inspiration!)


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  1. This is my favorite purse yet.

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