Business Update

Free Cards

I got 50 free business cards over at Moo. I’ve been dragging my feet getting these printed since I’ve sunk $300 so far. It costs $6.00 for shipping and they are full photo cards with a bit of advertising on the edge.

Back to the pesky pictures

I’ve decided to photo outside on the fence. I’m going back and re-doing those pictures that I’m not happy with on the hairy set-up in the garage. I don’t like light boxes. I’ve decided why. I think it makes things look like factory made, catalog pieces. I don’t make those, and I don’t want them displayed that way. There. Decision made!

I’m also darkening the corners of the photos, and playing around with color saturation.

Hand Made in Washington?

I went to the tulip festival in Skagit Valley this weekend, and browsed a little gift shop. I found these cool iron candelabra inserts. They go in any kind of bottle. I stuck mine in a beer bottler, until I get a blue one. I could have sworn the hand-written sign said hand-crafted in Washington. But alas, when the price sticker can off, it revealed: “Made in India.” Boo.More tulips and teeth:


I’m waiting on another order of linen to make a few “leiderhosen” bags. I am also working on a squarish, medium sized bag.


2 Responses

  1. Darkening corners of photos = very good.

    • Yes, I saw a shop that was using super saturated colors and they just popped! It was unique, and I loved it. She also darkened up the corners. So alas, I copy.

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