Little Black Dress with Petticoat

When I saw a petticoat at one of my favorite inspiration spots online, I knew I had to make one for Eleanor!  She needed a black dress for the Lynnwood Children’s Choir Spring Concert, and there was my motivation to finally get it done!


I used a white Percale fabric. The pattern is a full circle skirt with an elastic waist. I simply used a tape measure, chalk and a thumb tack to draw a half circle on the fold, twice at different lengths. Once for the hem length (21″), and once for the waist hole (5″). For the waist, I cut a 2″ casing strip and sewed it around the waist hole, and ran a 1″ piece of elastic through it. The ruffles took a few hours! They are strips cut at 1.5″ wide by the width of the fabric. I used four of those strips sewed end-to-end in a big circle for each row. I finished the side edges with a rolled hem on the Serger, ran a gathering thread down the middle, pinned it in place on the skirt, and sewed it down. Honestly?  I don’t think my rolled hem is going to hold up in the wash. The parts that ran across the bias, pulled out. grrr.Black formal concert dress

The dress was super easy. I have made countless “Bishop” dresses, which is a style in smocking where you gather the edge around the neck in tiny gathers, then smock along the top of the gathers with tiny decorative stitches. So, I could cut out the bishop pattern in my sleep, for any size! Instead of smocking, I gathered the neck and sleeves with elastic and added a longer cuff for the ruffle at the neck. It took about an hour. Really easy.I let her wear my grandma’s faux pearl necklace, and I could tell she felt like a princess. Success!


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  1. Love it!

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