I was inspired by Holly at Chez Beeper Bebe to go with cloth napkins. My husband is one of those men who likes to have napkins around the table… I’m one of those women who uses a shirt sleeve…and he pulls paper towels off for every meal and tosses them when done, whether they have been used or not. This drives my insanely frugal self CRAZY. So, we’ll see if cloth napkins will satisfy both of us.

Here’s a cute design I made following Holly’s tutorial. She kept the edges of her cloth unfinished and frayed. I finished mine with a rolled hem stitch on my over-lock machine. Love that finish!

My sewing machine has been skipping stitches when on zig zag for years. So, I’ve never been happy with my applique or button holes. I determined to get to the bottom of the problem this time since the stitches will be evident on the back of these napkins. After reading through many how-to’s online and much trial and error, I fixed it! Ahh, how pretty are those stitches?


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