Weaving Potholders

Remember these? I do! And I remember always wanting to make more. As with all store-bought craft kits, the supplies run out too quickly.  While at the store a few weeks ago, I saw an inexpensive box of the knit bands. I didn’t realize that the loom was is the expensive box beside it. So, I came home with a bunch of bands and no loom. Stephen to the rescue! He framed 4 – 2x2s and lined the sides with trim nails (the ones with no heads). 18 per side. Eleanor made one potholder and was done. Maybe Henry will like it better. I have plans for it too along the lines of this woven trivet.


4 Responses

  1. That’s exactly how I felt about potholders. I made like, two. They were too obviously fake.

  2. Those are such pretty colors! My mom found a kit at a thrift store and gave it to us. Noah has made a few. She can’t manage to do the cross ones by herself though, it’s too tight. The colors are horribly garish! lol!

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