Crosstitch Keeper

DSC03987My sister came for a visit this winter. She has always been an avid crosstitcher. She has a made a beautiful 3-D house picture marking the wedding date  for  her sisters and her daughters. It seems she is always working on a new one, and her pattern is getting worn! She was carrying her supplies in a ziploc bag  and I wanted to make a gift for her to remember her visit. Here is my idea for an organizer for her.

DSC04002 I have a purse made out of this material that she commented she liked. The flowers and the blue are both denim. She is a missionary in the Amazon and fights mildew growing on everything. Hopefully the denim will wash well if needed.

DSC03982For the plastic sleeves, I had business card plastic pages that I cut and sewed through to add to the binder. I just used one of the card pockets for the name pocket on the front.
DSC03992 These pockets are great for keeping floss and finding the right color easily.

DSC03996The inside back cover has a metal board slipped in so she can use magnet markers for her pattern.

DSC03995A snap closure for scizzors.

DSC03991Miscellaneous pockets and zippers for thread, glasses and needles.
DSC03989Covering a 3 ring binder is a simple way to organize small craft supplies in a pretty way.


3 Responses

  1. That’s AWESOME.

  2. Great idea and so meaningful as a keepsake for Kim.

  3. Will u be selling more on Etsy? For * other* crafts? It’s lovely .

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