Phenomenal Cosmic POTENTIAL. Itty Bitty Living Space.

The farmhouse has two bedrooms that are 10×10. TEN BY TEN! Teeny tiny, eh?
Here’s the dining room. There is a wierd hall-room that leads to the bedrooms, the bathroom and the attic steps.

Wait. That’s not my house…yet! 🙂

The front bedroom has a built in closet and a new slider window. Lucky us… That window won’t match for a while, since we are replacing the old ones with gray single hung windows with no grid.

Wonder what that square hole in the wall is? It is where the wall heaters used to be.

The back bedroom gets lovely sunlight. But, there is no closet.

And around the corner is another window.

The only updates for the bathroom, besides paint and bleach, (until later) is the floor.


3 Responses

  1. See if you can find an old armoir/cupboard to use for a closet.

  2. You can use that big hallway for a mud room/backpack storage area.

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