The Bowels

Hmm. What have I forgotten? Ah, yes. The basement. Another reason we liked the house so much. Easy access to electrical and plumbing. And, its a built-in wading pool! heh. The ruler wired to a post showed its gotten as much as a foot of water at one time. Stephen said it sounded like a waterfall down there when it was raining, so much water was gushing. There is a new product on the market we are going to try called Sani-Tred. It water proofs the basement from the inside. I’ll be posting video and pictures of that process.

The walk out. We are divided on whether to keep it or  cover it up.


2 Responses

  1. Are those doors in pretty good shape? As in, if you were to replace them, could you use them as some kind of cool art project? Like a bi-fold screen or hang/prop one and use it for a place to display the kids art projects, your photo’s, etc?

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