Mudroom Jacked UP

The back porch/mudroom was sliding away from the house. As with any remodel, fixing one thing requires fixing many others. Once the floor vinyl was removed, rotted floor joists were discovered. So, the whole floor got trashed. There’s the crawl space under the mudroom.
Here’s a shot of the no-floor mudroom as it leads into the kitchen.

After much popping and cracking, the entire porch was jacked up so the floor could be re-installed with new wood and almost perfectly level. (update: Stephen wanted to make sure we knew he went back the next day and got that floor level. The 1/4″ off was driving him insane, so he shimmed the edge. Perfectionist.)

Now, the door is cock-eyed. Of course. One fix leads to another problem…


One Response

  1. Any ONE of the repairs you’ve mentioned so far would be enough to make me pick somewhere else to live. To each his/her own.

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