Terra Cotta Worries

I’m visually obsessive. If you’ve ever read Orson Scott Card’s Ender Series, I emphathize with the girl who could hear the “god’s talk” in Xenocide. The gods would “make” her trace the lines on the wood grain floor with her eyes over and over. My eyes do that too. So, when I saw the diagonal lines taking shape on the kitchen floor, I had to have my own God talk.

But, yay for random diamond tile placement! At least the first two aren’t in a straight line. I’m sure I’ll find the pattern to them in no time, though. Fie upon mine eye!

I grew up with orangey terra cotta tile in my childhood home, so I was aware of the overwhelming orangeness that comes with the territory. I was hoping mine wouldn’t go orange. I’m still hoping…


One Response

  1. If and when it turns orange, that’s what funky/cute kitchen rugs are for. 🙂

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