Identify my yard

I need help with this bush-tree. Do you know what it is? Can I cut it WAY back?

Here’s a close up of the leaves. I was hoping for Lilac, but I think it would be blooming right now if it were a Lilac, right?

I’m wondering if I can cut it back this year, or is it too late? Also, I don’t think I want it if I can’t get it down to around 7 feet. Its too big right now.


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  1. Actually, that looks like a lilac to me, though it’s hard to tell. It’s still a little early for them to be blooming, especially with the cold spells we had at the end of March. I think usually end of April or May in this part of the country.

  2. ……………………….

  3. My lilac looks a lot like that and hasn’t bloomed yet – doesn’t even look close. I also have something I think is a really old azalea that looks very similar and is still working on its leaves for the year. No advice on cutting back… not my area of expertise in the least.

  4. yup lilac

  5. Really? Oh yeah! There is a lot on line about pruning lilacs. I can find out.

  6. Hey Kay,

    I concur with the rest. My lilac is still not blooming. I think it’s safe to go on the “lilac” assumption.

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