Behind the walls in the attic

Stephen did more work than I understood was left on the attic. I think he did more than he thought, too. The drywallers come this week, and Stephen has been working 8 hours a day getting everything ready for them. He framed in where the new window is going.

The small half walls needed additional studs to screw the drywall to.

And in the process of stringing up the ceiling insulation, he added more 2×4 bits for the drywall.

It seemed like he was insulating for days and days.


6 Responses

  1. This reminds me of writing a novel. There is a whole lot of work no one ever sees, and stuff comes up you never anticipated, and at the end of a grueling 8 hour day this is all you got to look at.

  2. yep. I sympathize. I want him to go FAStER.

  3. I wish I could have taken you with me to Savannah. So much inspiration and ideas. You would have been gaga. =D

    • I know! I love Savannah. I was there for a wedding a year ago, and took a few of the tours. I guess the temp was perfect? I was there in August- HOT and MUGGY.

  4. So will that be a big, picture window? Is the view that gorgeous mountain you posted a picture of?

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