We purchased our doors at a local company (Frank’s). The front door was on the half off aisle, and it was exactly what I wanted. Now imagine it a dandelion yellow. Can’t wait to see what Adam at Facelift Painting is going to do to it this week!

These beauties we had specially built. The door guy thought we were crazy. They are four foot french doors. We had them re-make the hardware so that both sides open with the levers, instead of having one side stationary with a pole lock system. They are replacing one picture window in the living room. Two sets of them, side by side. Painted black.

And this beauty… is Stephen. Such a flattering shot I couldn’t neglect to include it.

This one will go between the entry porch and the dining room. The glass is covered with a film for easier painting. It will be painted black, and I want to move the one glass doorknob left in the house to this door. But, that will depend on that pre-drilled hole. If Stephen has time to figure out how to make it work.

All the other doors, we are keeping. I believe they are original to the house. They will be stripped and painted black. They all look like this one.


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  1. Stephen is a door to…. your heart? Your soul? Your future?

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