Walnut or Hickory?

Stephen and I have an ongoing discussion about the type of tree in our front yard, walnut or hickory? Neighbors say walnut. My mom says hickory. I think its hickory, but hope its walnut. Stephen has said walnut from day one. Any arborists out there?


4 Responses

  1. I hope it’s walnut because I want to experience a walnut tree!! Haha For instance, do you wait for them to drop? Do you go up to pick them? Both? FUN!!!

  2. It looks like a walnut tree

  3. Sidenote, I like how you chose to say you have an ongoing ‘discussion’ rather than argument or debate. (I’m assuming that was a conscious word choice). It made the psychologist in me smile.

  4. John, discussion is the truth. We haven’t argued over it.

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