Basement Ugly

There has been a lot of work down in the basement. We always forget to take pictures, because who wants to see pictures of the ugly?

Electrical all runs to the basement. 80% of the house was re-wired.

Plumbing all runs to the basement. Which is handy because its easy to reach. No crawling around in stinky crawlspaces for us! We replaced all the galvanized pipes and random plumbing lines with Pex. Its that blue and red flexible tubing you see. Color coded, no less. Smart.

The laundry is in the basement. This set up required much thought since there are no existing drains cut. Stephen had a sink pump (the black box on the left) installed to flush the washing machine water up and out. We will have to close in that window with a wall to hide the necessary drains, pipes and wiring.

After we move, we will concentrate on insulating the porch areas, cleaning the cement and then laying SaniTred. That will leave us with a rubber-like wall and floor. And there are a few holes that need attention as well. This one happened with Stephen jacked the mudroom.

Eventually, we’ll move the furnace and water heater, extend the stairs and cover the ceiling. I’d love to add a bedroom down here. And that concludes a tour of the ugly.


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