Vanity and sink

We didn’t budget for new bathroom fixtures: tub, toilet, vanity. The old ones are usable, just dirty. I sanded, stained and sealed the cabinet, and had hoped to re-use the old sink; but it was too scratched and stained. I know I could have re-finished it, but it is too big of a job. We got a new sink, but re-used the old faucet…cause I love it.

I ordered the sink, and as usual, I got the measurments wrong. I am wretched at anything that involves numbers. We have a big gap at the back that we will have to solve with trim or a new side.

Isn’t that faucet so cute?


3 Responses

  1. The new sink makes the old faucet look more intentional and therefore more cute. Worked out well.

  2. Looks great Kay!

  3. The new sink looks great. Do you have anymore of the marble from the floor that you could make a back and side splash out of?

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