How to remove a wall to insert appliances

Our washer and dryer are going in the basement. Problem. The walk out door to the basement has 2 feet before you hit the side of the garage. The previoius owner built the garage right next to the doors. We intend to rip out the walls around the basement stairs, and install cellar doors. But not right now. Since the appliances wouldn’t fit the door, Stephen removed the back wall. (the wall to the left of the doors behind the bikes) We’ll use the siding from these walls for patching the house later.

Sorry, Stephen moved them in while I was doing baths and bedtime, so I missed the moving in picture. But, here is the after!


One Response

  1. The basement looks much brighter and cleaner than it did. It reminds me of the VanderMeer’s basement. Do you remember that playroom they had fixed up down there?

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