The legend of the raintree

When I was young, I watched many old movies with my mom. Raintree County was a favorite because it tickled my imagination… a legendary tree? Planted by Johnny Appleseed? Somewhere in the swamps of Indiana? And only a few can find it?

I can’t remember the plot of the movie, but I remember the legend about that tree!

When I first moved to Seattle, I spotted a yellow wisteria-looking-grape-bunch of flowers growing at an abbey in Edmonds. I had no name for it, and so I began asking around and researched on-line to find one. To my delight, it was a golden raintree! Since then, I’ve oohed and ahed everytime I’ve seen one. Supposedly, they were imported from Japan, and since the climate is similar, they’ve gone wild.

Here and now, I own the legend! I present you my little raintree.


2 Responses

  1. Of course it’s from Japan.

  2. So pretty! You’ve now planted a seed of jealousy in me… the Golden Raintree is officially on my wishlist for my own house. 🙂

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