Sealing the Basement

The basement was leaky, to put it mildly. It sounded like a waterfall down there when it rained hard. It required two sump pumps in the rainy season. We hope to solve that issue with a new product called SaniTred. This is the floor when we started last weekend. It had multiple cracks, and a few coats of paint and sealer patching it.

After grinding the paint away, it looked like this:

Now to water seal it.
STEP ONE: Dry out the cracks. We used a butane torch to apply high heat. It didn’t need to be totally dry…good thing. Those cracks don’t ever dry out!

STEP TWO: Coat the entire floor sans cracks with smooth sealant.

He started by rolling it…

…but discovered a squeegee worked best.

This stuff goes right up to the edge of the cracks, but not inside.

STEP THREE: Fill in the cracks with rubber “toothpaste.” This stuff expands and hardens to stop the water movement.

I only have finished photos of this step because Stephen had to apply it from midnight to 3 am due to the timing of the dry-time of the other product. Its a very precise process.

STEP FOUR: Apply the first sealer again; this time over the entire surface.

Now, we wait and see if it worked!


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  1. Too cool to see how it’s done! Thanks for sharing the process. Stephen has got to be exhausted…what a trooper!

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