Front Porch

The porch has been evolving. Kinda like these boots.

The sides were closed in, and I primed. Notice, the tree swing in the foreground?

Stephen trimed the door and windows this weekend. Ahh… (Still don’t have the bottom board, so they aren’t completed.)

He also trimmed out the side entry window. The replacement siding is going to take some figuring out. Since we are going to remove the walk-in cellar steps, we have 2 small walls of this exterior siding, but it is old and brittle, so we aren’t sure if it will provide enough replacement boards. The barn is sided with this as well, so we might be able to use that.

Remember how it looked when we bought it? Its getting there!


3 Responses

  1. It Is looking really good!

  2. They could probably special order that siding.

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