New Bath Window

Man, my titles are creative, eh? Here’s the old bath window.

I decided I wanted a matching window in the bathroom. Two reasons. 1. Continuity. 2. I’m convinced the old garden window smelled. #2 was really the deciding factor. I’d hate for guests to use our facilities and think I don’t clean properly! And, well, I guess I didn’t. It was impossible to clean the old window putty and screen in the old one. Pride demanded the switch.

If you haven’t seen the house in person, let me explain the unique situation that occcurs out our bath window. A shed is built right below. The garage is built 8 feet away. So, our window looks out on a roof and metal wall.

Lovely, right? I think I’ll hang shutters inside.

The long term plan is to demolish the shed and walk-out, so there is a distinct alley between the house and garage. It will help the asthetic a little.

But, for now, it looks like this!


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  1. I have seen these blinds that have a sheer material between them. So when they are open they let the light thru, but you can’t really see thru them. I think they come in vertical and horizontal blinds. It might work for this situation. Too bad you can’ fix the view, but it is nice to have the natural light in your bathroom.

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