Bath Trim is Done!

Here’s some pictures as proof.

DSC07135 DSC07136 DSC07141 DSC07142


Brass Hinge

I love our step-up door to the attic-master bedroom. So many things in this old house are charming. The brass hinge that had been painted over is one. I posted earlier this year about cleaning this old hinge. You can read that post, here.

Here is what the hinge looked like when we bought the place. I didn’t even know it was something special until a friend pointed it out. And even then, didn’t discover it was brass until I started stripping the paint off.


And, in all its glory!


We installed the trim last weekend. I will be caulking and painted it over the next few days. So, this space isn’t quite done.


Chicken Fence

This is a catch-up post. This part of the barnyard was completed last fall. It pens the chickens to a sideyard beside the barn, so we don’t have to deal with them on our back steps. They had to get their wings clipped anyway. Fence is a little short. 🙂

DSC06773Here is a shot of the house from the barnyard when we moved in back in May.

DSC06183Here is the same shot with the chicken fence.


And this rosebush was in the perfect spot already to grow up and over tthe fence to add its charm to the old barn.


Stair Railing

The stairs up to the attic/master bedroom have been railed for months, but I realized I never posted pictures.

When we bought the place, the stairs up to the attic led to a hole in the floor, like this. No railings. Just a big drop.

DSC05910Now they are railed in and safe!


The rails:


One day, we’ll get around to staining and painting it!