A circle of cobbles

We needed a front patio to control the mud coming in the front door.


I am so thankful for a meticulous husband. He has this patio perfectly level, with a slight slope. WP_20130525_014

Instead of laying sand and chipped gravel, we tried the soft underlayment mats. They are square, and piece together to form any shape you need. Easy to cut, easy to install.WP_20130525_015
We had to use 2 circle kits from VillaStone made by Abbotsford Concrete Products.


Eventually (My! I use that word a lot…we have lots of plans, but limited time.), we will extend the cobbles to landscape the driveway and side of the house.


It is gratifying to take a look back at how we started. Here it is in April, 2012.


In August or September, 2012.DSC06735
And now. We also jack-hammered out the old concrete steps that led to the original front door on the side. (Under that window) Stephen was installing the siding to finish it off. Now, I get to decide what plants to put there!


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  1. I love the round design on the patio. It makes it!

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