Stair Railing

The stairs up to the attic/master bedroom have been railed for months, but I realized I never posted pictures.

When we bought the place, the stairs up to the attic led to a hole in the floor, like this. No railings. Just a big drop.

DSC05910Now they are railed in and safe!


The rails:


One day, we’ll get around to staining and painting it!


Henry’s bedroom

I thought it would be fun to look back at how far we’ve come. Here are the pictures I took before we bought the house (or right as we were closing) and a picture of the same angle of where we are at now. Here is Henry’s bedroom.
When we bought it:

And now:



Attic painted!

I really like painted wood floors. Stephen doesn’t. At least, he didn’t until he saw how good the upstairs floor looked when done! The house I stayed in as a child in the Amazon had high gloss painted floors, and so the look is nostaligic for me.

Paint hides anything. Even these rough stairs look good when painted. I would like to do a stair runner eventually.

A window week 5

This is gonna knock your socks off.

Isn’t it wonderful?

I knew it would be good, but not this good!

One more:

I mean, two:

Remember what it looked like before?

A window week 1

This week you get to see all the replacement windows, starting with the back bedroom.

Here’s a picture of the old ones:

And with the new:

It makes more sense

Remember we were having troubles deciding what to do with the stair mess? Drywall helps clear a few things up, yes?

I didn’t think drywall could make such a difference! It makes my heart skip.

Whoa. That’s a bedroom!

Where to start? Drywall is in.

We decided we like the chimney. We will clean the brick and leave it bare.