The bar top was installed this weekend. What used to be a wall is now a table. Do you remember the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room? See pictures in this post. This is how we’ve been using it for the last few months…with the counter, but no extending bar.

 Stephen had to drill up through the cabinets to catch the counter. Wood counters are so easy.

The wood pegs are just to hold it in place, so I didn’t have to. 🙂

I’ve been looking for the perfect re-used corbels to use under the bar, but for now it has small wood supports.

They woke up early just to eat breakfast in the new spot.


Its alive!

My lilac survived the hack attack! Its bursting with new leaves.

Ikea Range Hood

Ikea Kitchen Review (Part 3)

We installed 2 high cabinets side by side as a pantry.

The drawers pull out for visibility. (She has to get into it every time its open.)

The top cabinets go to the ceiling.

A plethora of kitchen pictures

Walls are painted. Yes, they are white. Most of the walls are white. The trim is going dark.

Lights are installed. No window trim for a while yet.

The cabinets are still missing the toe kicks and plinth at the top.

See the new -to-me rug I found at a local antique shop?

Things are still getting organized. I’ll have pictures of the range hood soon. I’ve got to clean all the finger prints off!

Ikea Kitchen Review (Part 2)

Stephen asked me what I was looking foward to the most in the new kitchen.

I said, “Having an under the sink trash system that gets hidden from view.”

He looked at me skeptical and gave me a spiel about there being no room under the sink for trash bins due to the drain and garbage disposal.

I was crestfallen.

“But Ikea has these great pull-out bins that are made to go under the sink!” I cried.

He assurred me it wouldn’t work, and told me not to let my hopes run high.

I’ll let the pictures do the gloating.

Hurrah for hidden trash cans under the sink!

Ikea Kitchen Review (Part 1)

I’ve lived with my kitchen for a week. I was looking foward to some of the perks added on to the Ikea cabinets. One of them was the spice jar organizers. I use spices every time I cook. Ikea sells these concave drawer inserts that allow the jars to lay flat so you can easily see what you are looking for.

Its wonderful to have them at my fingertips right beside the stove. Two drawers full!