Master Bath Addition

We are adding a bathroom to the second floor.

This is the space before. A wall is going where the long side of the rail is to form a bathroom. The bathroom will be where the clothes are in this shot. The entire sloped ceiling will be raised so that  all of the square footage can be utilized.DSC07031

While I was volunteering as a camp counselor during the summer one week, Stephen raised the roof and dried in the space for our bathroom. Here we are under construction. You can see the hand rail in both of the pictures to get idea of the space we are gaining by raising the roof. The future bathroom picture window will face the garage roof. So pretty, I know.


This is the main bathroom addition. We will be pulling a 1920’s cast iron clawfoot tub through that window in the future.


We also raised one side of the roof to gain more usable space in the bedroom. By changing the angle of the roof, we gain so much space inside!


This is the addition from the front of the house.DSC08821

From the back, with the bathroom addition.DSC09691

What a change, eh? From this…





Attic Master Suite

The second story of our house was unfinished attic space. I call it unfinished, but it was listed as a bedroom. Here is how the listing showed it. Does that look finished to you?


It was apparent from the old painting outlines, the space was divided into rooms at one point. We have had a few of the previous occupants stop by for a visit and tour, and they all assured me this was used as a bedroom. Before moving in, we raised the ceiling by a foot, installed a larger picture window, installed drywall and painted the floor. We lived in it this way for about two years.

Stephen’s biggest problem was the sloping ceiling that rendered 2 feet along the sides of the room, useless. Tall people only had the middle 6 feet to walk upright in. Shift to the right or left and you had to crook your neck. It wasn’t ideal.


The east-ish side window overlooking the back yard.


The west-ish window looking out on the front yard.

We railed in the hole in the floor that is the entry from the steps. The room was one big bedroom with no closet.

The vision is to turn the whole space into a master suite. Stay tuned.