Thoughts 1

I decided to chronicle my journey into the on-line crafting business. Why. Mostly, I’m curious. Lastly, I want to make money. That may be backwards to be successful, we’ll see. In this stage, I am mulling over the time and money commitments.

Back to why:

I have been asked numerous times if I sell the things I make. I usually answer with something like this: “I am a creator, not a factory line. That means I like to make things once. I can’t see myself doing the same thing over and over.” And that is true. But, I am curious about the idea of making a lot of one thing. There are a number of pros:

  • Perfecting technique
  • Creating  design enhancements without struggling with technique
  • inventory for store.

Why chronicle it?

I hope to generate more traffic to this blog. I think others may be interested in the ups and downs of going “money.” And, it will help me process and track my ideas, plans, failures and successes.


Advice from Mindy:
Persistence is key. It took me over 3 months before I sold one item on Etsy. Keep doing what you love and do what makes you happy.