Coconut Cakelettes

Honestly, I can’t get enough of Sprinkle Bakes. I love making Heather’s beautiful treats. These were delicious!


Georgia on my shirt

I grew up in Pike County, Georgia. Right where that little heart resides on my shirt. I’m going to camp next week, and I am on the red team (Go Red!) so I’ve been getting my red wardrobe in order. This plain tee needed embellishing.

I got the idea here.

Simple. Easy.

Thanks for reading, Ya’ll!

Yarn Bombing in Occidental Park, Seattle

Yarn bombing is textile graffiti. Trees, buses, parking meters, signs or anything really is covered with wrapped yarn or sweater-ed. It was started in Canada by the self-described “knitting ninja” Joann Matvichuk. (Watch that video, she’s hilarious.) To get an idea of how big the movement has grown, browse through these photos from around the world!

Seattle’s Pioneer Square, specifically Occidental Park, has gotten a taste of yarn too! Suzanne Tidwell was hired by Seattle to install a yarn bomb as seen in the pictures below. And if you are in the area, her blog says she would love knitters to contribute! The installation comes down in September.

Linen and vintage scrap pillows

I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been sewing!

My mother passed along quilt pieces that her aunt had cut and hand stitched to me. I’ve used them for crafts and random sewing projects. A few weeks ago I stitched together a few couch pillows. The front is pieced from this vintage stash, and the pillow is with teal linen.

  • I love linen! I purchase all my linen from this place: Fabric Store
  • Rainbow is trendy!  So, I followed. Sends me back to my childhood, rainbows and unicorns!
  • I’m tired of deflating pillows. I splurged and got expensive pillow forms. Lets see if its worth the extra cash?