Dining Chairs Mish-mash

Chair style 1

I prefer my  things don’t match. I like them to complement, but not be identical. So goes my dining chairs. I found two chairs for $15 each at a second-hand store. They had more, but again, no matchy-matchy for me!


The arms were scratched or chewed up by a critter, so I sanded and re-stained them.

DSC07190I thought the details, the knobs and crosses on the back, went great with my table. New cushions and fabric make them perfect.


Chair Style 2

This little guy I found at an estate sale up the road. It was $1.

Sanded it. Taped the wood off. Painted the metal a flat grey. (Yes, Eleanor, grey again!) Stained the wood walnut. Wa-laa!

Chair Style 3

These chairs, I picked up for $3 apiece. Man, they were musty. I don’t have a before picture, but the original fabric was a heavy mustard upholstery. I was thrilled that the wood matched my other chairs, and even the details were mimicked. Not exact, but similar.

chairI used the same fabric, and encored the pillow fabric on the back.WP_20130628_006

Now to find a two-person settee, and my set will be complete.


Dining Room 360 painted

The Dining Room is the only room not some version of white. (oh, I guess the entry is black.) Here’s a look around the room.

Scenes from the dining room

Here are some random shots of the dining room before it was painted.

We’ll leave the light on for ya!

I stayed late last week painting the entry.

I HAD to see the light fixture when I got done. Stephen installed it in the dark…somehow I always end up holding the flashlight. You just get a peek.

Its nice to have light at the front now!

Heavenly Sunlight

The rooms have a nice glow in the late afternoon.

Drywall mud took care of the chairail marks.

A window week 2

My dream windows are black (or any other color beside white) casement windows with extruded grids. Problem. Those windows would take our entire budget to buy. I am amazed at the price difference between stock windows and special ordered. We would be fools if we didn’t get the stock variety. Foolish, or really wealthy. Since we are neither, we went with Lowes’ Better Built windows. We could order them to size and also order the alternate to white color: driftwood. But, they did not offer extruded grids. I hate the grids that float between the glass, so I didn’t get any grids. I hope I don’t regret that decision. I like the color!

Another hard decision was what to do with all the picture windows. We went with the cheap decision, and replaced them with two single hung windows.

I know. I can hear my mother and mother-in-law crying at the loss of these big windows.


The most beautiful tile in the world

The vision I have for the entryway is very clear. Black walls, mosiac floor, lots of window light. The floor is done. Isn’t it lovely?

Ha! That’s backerboard. Here’s the most beautiful tile!