Baby Basket

When my dad passed away six years ago, I was 6 months pregnant. My sister, Kanda,  sequestered a basket she spotted at the memorial service that was filled with green plants. To her eye, it was the perfect size for a newborn! So she cleaned it, and lined the sides with white, fluffy fleece and made a removable pad and sheet for the bottom mattress. She gave it to me for Eleanor, and Eleanor used it exclusively for about 2 months before outgrowing it for a larger vintage portable carry-all bed. Henry, my second baby also used the basket, but he only slept in it for a month.  Since then, this keepsake from my father’s memorial has held stuffed animals, kittens (not for long before I put a stop to that!) and plastic babies. I had pulled all the fleece liner off. My sister had hot glued it, so it came off easy. And we were just using it around the house as a large catch-all. But, now number three baby is due soon.

So, after a good detergent bath, it was time to whip it back into baby duty. This time around, I used a pale flower fabric and used elastic and fusible fleece to ensure I could take the liner off and on for washing. I also made a matching, fitted sheet for the mattress pad.