New Front Steps

Its been a while (understatement, almost 3 years!!) since I updated our house progress. Our front steps were built to be short term until we could decide what we wanted: stone, poured concrete, brick? The wood we used for the temporary steps wasn’t treated, so after three years of use and a constant re-painting, it was time to decide what we wanted so we could finish the entrance.


The temporary wood steps.

I new I wanted some sort of tile work, but was hesitant to make it too Spanish.

After looking at many tiled stairs images, I decided it was the brick or Terra-cotta that gave it the Spanish flair, and I could use a colorful tile riser if I had a different medium for the tread. My husband was leaning toward pouring concrete, so I began to research Brownstones. This image brings together all the elements I was looking for.

I appreciate the lip on the concrete tread and even the little bit of trim flair on the underside.

We knew we wanted iron rail, but will wait to add that as the budget allows. I love the look of the old iron.

So, the new steps begin!



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  1. Yay! New stuff!! I’ve missed watching you from afar. 🙂

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