Quilted Patchwork Wine Bag Tutorial

Wine Bag

Giving a great bottle of wine? Wrap it up in a great wine cozy. Your friends will know there is something special inside!

Cutting out

Lining: Cut  one piece 12.5 inches x 15.5 inches and one 4 inch circle.

Batting (I used felt):  Cut  one piece 12.5 inches x 15.5 inches, and one 4 inch circle.

Scrap squares:  Cut 20 3.5 inch squares of miscellaneous fabric.


Bottom of bag fabric: Cut one 4 inch circle.

Ribbon: 35″ long

Making the patchwork

1.       Lay out your squares in a 4 x 5 grid to match colors or designs as you desire. Follow your grid when constructing the squares.

2.       Using a ¼ inch seam, sew (or serge) two squares right sides together along one seam.

Two squares

3.       Add a third square to the row and sew along one of the sides.

Three squares

4.       Add the forth square, sew, and press the seams flat.

Four squares

5.       Do this to all 5 lines of squares, so that you end with 5 rows of 4 squares sewn together.

6.       Now, sew 2 rows together along the long edge, being careful to match the seams.

7.       Add the remaining rows until your patching is done. Iron all seams flat.

Two rows

8.       The finished size should be 12 ½ inches x 15 ½ inches.

Finished Patchwork


1.       Using a yardstick and a quilter’s pen, draw diagonal guidelines across your squares to form X’s in the center of each square.

Quilting lines

2.       Place your batting on the wrong side of your patch worked piece. Pin in place.

3.       Starting with the center line, sew (or hand quilt if you wish) the straight lines, stitching the patch worked piece to the batting underneath. Sew all the diagonal lines.

Sewing Quilting lines

4.       Trim up the outside edges, if needed.

5.       Use damp cloth to erase the quilter’s  pen lines.

Finished quilting

Constructing the bag

1.       Fold your quilted patch worked piece lengthwise in half and pin to insure your seams match up. Stitch along the long edge making a tube. Iron seam flat.


2.       Place batting circle on wrong side of fabric circle. Mark an X through the center of the circle and sew (or hand quilt) the lines.


3.       Pin quilted circle around the edges of one side of the tube to form the bottom of the bag, right sides together. Sew, then iron.

Pinned bottom

4.       Turn your bag right side out.

Right side out

5.       Now take your lining fabric, and fold in lengthwise in half, and stitch along the long edge leaving 3 inches open in the center to turn the bag later. Iron seams flat.

6.       Pin the lining circle around the edges of one side of the lining tube right sides together. Sew, then iron.

7.       Place the patch worked bag (right sides out) inside the lining (wrong side out).

8.       Sew the top edge of the lining and patch worked bag together.

9.       Turn the whole thing right side out through hole in lining seam. Slipstich seam hole in lining shut.

10.   Push lining to inside of bag, topstitch seam 1/8″ from edge and iron 2″ down over patchwork to form a cuff.

Sewing cuff

11.   Knot the ribbon on both ends, fold in half, and then sew it to the bag  just under cuff edge.


Now just insert your bottle, tie it up and give it away!

Insert bottleTied Bag

Don’t want to make one? Check out my store and buy one instead!


2 Responses

  1. So …. how much do you charge for these beauties? Love them, Kay.

    Maybe we could get you hooked up on my site for some cute and sassy baby goodies for new mamas … just an idea … 🙂

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