Basement Floor

The floor grinding did not kick up as much dust. And, since the machine was heavier and gravity was at work, it was an easier job. (Look mom, he’s wearing his mask! Goggles too!)

It still took him all day to grind the floor.

Cement sans paint:

Cleanup begins!



Eleanor and Henry staked claim to the front rhodedendron. Its huge, and there is a cavity under the leavesĀ for climbing. They can both stand up under it and still be hidden from the street. Here’s what we see walking out the front door. Can you spot what doesn’t belong?

How about closer?

Eleanor can jump to that Walnut branch and climb up it, but Henry wasn’t feeling that brave today.

Grinding Cement

Before we can spread the rubber-like SaniTred to waterproof the basement, we (I say we like I did something) had to strip all the paint off. Enter the cement grinders.

He started with the side grinder on the bottom foot of the wall. Can you spot him?


Fans circulated the dust out. Well, they sorta worked.

He was in that dust storm for 24 hours (not consecutive) total!

You can see the border at the bottom of the wall that he cleaned. Next up, all that red and black paint/unknown substance off the floor!


Feel my pain


See the floor? That dust is everywhere. On the walls, dishes and our hair.

This is what I’ve been living in all weekend while Stephen grinds the basement cement to prep for waterproofing.


What he has been doing downstairs is way worse. I’ll show pictures of that tomorrow.

Wasted Envy

I was envying my neighbor’s Golden Raintree seen here:

It turns out, I have my own! Its just a bit behind in blooming. Sweet!

Its alive!

My lilac survived the hack attack! Its bursting with new leaves.

Ikea Range Hood