Finished basement floor







The kids have been enjoying the slip and slide rink in our basement. They have a blast wiping out. The new floor is slick!


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  1. thats pretty neat- you’ll have to let us know how it holds up through the rainy season – im sure it thats going to be one of the best improvements yet!!

  2. Looks good. Been looking at this stuff for a year or so, and going to do the job myself in a few months. Got any tips? Or problems you ran in to? You doing the walls? I would want to see your photos if you do.

    • He followed the directions perfectly, and everything happened like it should have. The walls…the grinding was such a headache, he doesn’t want to think about that yet.

      • Charles here, Wondering if you ever got the walls done? I am doing the sanitred thing in the summer.

      • We ground the paint off, but are holding out until late summer to apply the sanitred. We want to let them dry out as much as possible. Good luck with yours!

  3. Hi – You’re one of the few who applied Sanitred and posted it. It’s been 3 years since your last post. How’s Sanitred working for you so far? Did you install it on the walls? I’m still not 100% convinced it will stop my (3 ft below grade basement floor) flooding from hydrostatic pressure. Any feedback is much appreciated.

    • Hi Mil, we did install it on the walls about 5 feet high which is how far our basement is under ground. We are in flood country, although our house is out of the 100 year flood plain. Where the sanitred is applied correctly, it absolutely stops all groundwater from entering our basement. We had HUGE cracks that were 6-7inches deep. We re-applied the big crack because we saw bubbles of water pushing up the outer skin of the sanitred in spots. My husband knew he had not done something right on that, and the re-application worked. If you’d like more specific information, I’m sure my husband would chat with you, as he is the one with the experience. Email me at shalakoll at aol dot com.

  4. Thanks you so so much. I’m trying to avoid having to spend $17K on an interior French drain some contractors recommended. I already have an exterior French drain around the perimeter of my home and appears to be handling water penetration from the walls just fine. It’s only my floor slab and where old concrete meets new concrete that I have to address and adding a drainage system is overkill to me.

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