Identify My Yard

This popped up last week. Any ideas? The stalks are about 2 feet high, and they bend over.

Here’s the flowers buds (?).


Lilac Chop

I chopped the lilac that was blocking the front windows.¬† If it doesn’t survive, no biggie. I’ll put in something else.



There was a little lilac bush growing where the new front steps will go, so I potted it until we know where to put it.

A window week 1

This week you get to see all the replacement windows, starting with the back bedroom.

Here’s a picture of the old ones:

And with the new:

Walnut or Hickory?

Stephen and I have an ongoing discussion about the type of tree in our front yard, walnut or hickory? Neighbors say walnut. My mom says hickory. I think its hickory, but hope its walnut. Stephen has said walnut from day one. Any arborists out there?

Another mystery

We were scratching our heads over those things under the windows. Vents? Windows? Old heater holes? Who knows.

But they are gone now!

Exterior siding is not on the top of the list. So, we get to look at plywood squares for a while.

But we did patch the interior side.

Kitchen wall

I tried to keep my upper kitchen walls without cabinets. Its the new look. But, I was afraid it might not appeal to a buyer in a few years, so I compromised with half the wall without cabinets. The wall, that would now be visible, was a mess. Here’s the bottom part. You can just see how bad the top of the counter is.

Drywallers fixed it. Pretty.

Heap of junk

The pile is growing.

Better out in the barn, than in my house!