Nook Sweater

nookI finally made a cover for my Nook. A crocheted sweater using this tutorial as a guide. A very loose guide. I can’t follow a pattern because I’m too lazy to look up the abbreviations. So, I guess at what they mean. Now that I look back at the tutorial (its so pretty), I’m disappointed. I don’t think I got the moss stitch right. And, I KNOW I didn’t get the flap and buttonholes right. I took the thing apart 6 times. It will work for now.nook3nook2


Calico Burleighware

When I was a little girl, a friend’s family used a collection of Calicoware and Ironstone for their dishes. I loved eating at their place because of those dishes! Since my everyday dishes are in terrible shape, I’ve decided to start my own eclectic collection. I researched the history of this design, and discovered it is still made in Burleigh, England. It comes in many patterns and colors and dishes. One day, I’ll have to order straight from England to fill out my table, but until then it is so fun to find a plate or cup in antique stores! I feel like I found buried treasure. I picked a 10″ plate up yesterday from the first shop I entered. I saw it as I entered the store. Unbelievable. I picked up a cherry plate a  a viney tree plate too.

Blue and White China

Blue Calico

Burleigh Pottery

Crosstitch Keeper

DSC03987My sister came for a visit this winter. She has always been an avid crosstitcher. She has a made a beautiful 3-D house picture marking the wedding date  for  her sisters and her daughters. It seems she is always working on a new one, and her pattern is getting worn! She was carrying her supplies in a ziploc bag  and I wanted to make a gift for her to remember her visit. Here is my idea for an organizer for her.

DSC04002 I have a purse made out of this material that she commented she liked. The flowers and the blue are both denim. She is a missionary in the Amazon and fights mildew growing on everything. Hopefully the denim will wash well if needed.

DSC03982For the plastic sleeves, I had business card plastic pages that I cut and sewed through to add to the binder. I just used one of the card pockets for the name pocket on the front.
DSC03992 These pockets are great for keeping floss and finding the right color easily.

DSC03996The inside back cover has a metal board slipped in so she can use magnet markers for her pattern.

DSC03995A snap closure for scizzors.

DSC03991Miscellaneous pockets and zippers for thread, glasses and needles.
DSC03989Covering a 3 ring binder is a simple way to organize small craft supplies in a pretty way.

Links to Lovelies

I went through and updated/edited my favorite blog links. I am an avid reader and these are my ABSOLUTE favorites!

Weaving Potholders

Remember these? I do! And I remember always wanting to make more. As with all store-bought craft kits, the supplies run out too quickly.  While at the store a few weeks ago, I saw an inexpensive box of the knit bands. I didn’t realize that the loom was is the expensive box beside it. So, I came home with a bunch of bands and no loom. Stephen to the rescue! He framed 4 – 2x2s and lined the sides with trim nails (the ones with no heads). 18 per side. Eleanor made one potholder and was done. Maybe Henry will like it better. I have plans for it too along the lines of this woven trivet.

Chalkboard Project

I’ve been wanting a something painted with chalkboard paint for years. When I found this huge bulletin board at a thrift store, I knew this was the project for it! Stephen replaced the cork board with smooth plywood which I painted with a smooth nap mohair roller.  The pictures speak for themselves!


I was inspired by Holly at Chez Beeper Bebe to go with cloth napkins. My husband is one of those men who likes to have napkins around the table… I’m one of those women who uses a shirt sleeve…and he pulls paper towels off for every meal and tosses them when done, whether they have been used or not. This drives my insanely frugal self CRAZY. So, we’ll see if cloth napkins will satisfy both of us.

Here’s a cute design I made following Holly’s tutorial. She kept the edges of her cloth unfinished and frayed. I finished mine with a rolled hem stitch on my over-lock machine. Love that finish!

My sewing machine has been skipping stitches when on zig zag for years. So, I’ve never been happy with my applique or button holes. I determined to get to the bottom of the problem this time since the stitches will be evident on the back of these napkins. After reading through many how-to’s online and much trial and error, I fixed it! Ahh, how pretty are those stitches?